Digital Foot Switch FS-201:

Technical Detail


Contact Type Momentary
Material Plastic, Metal
Rated Power AC 250V 10A
Pedal Size (Approx.) 8.2 x 8 x 3.3cm / 3.2″ x 3.1″ x 1.3″ (L* W * T)
Cable Length 10cm/ 4″
Casing Color Gray
Net Weight 145g
Package Content

1 x Foot Pedal Switch

3 Wires (Red, Black & White): Normally Open (Red & White), Normally Closed (Red & Black) . Here is what it looks inside, and there  is a go-through disassembly instruction from Adafruit. The part highlighted in red dashed circle is what you click inside same as a push button.

Applicable Scope

Foot switch suitable for ac 50Hz, voltage to 380V, dc voltage 220V circuit to frequent connected and points broken on-load circuit. The normal working conditions and installation conditions:

  1. surrounding air temperature does not exceed + 40 °C, lower limit for – 5 °C;
  2. installation site does not exceed altitude 2000m;
  3. air relative humidity of air temperature + 40 °C when does not exceed 50%,in the ambient;
  4. pollution levels of switch prescribed for pollution level 3;
  5. No significant shaken and impact place.

Major Types and Uses

Here are some other cool products I found on the internet:

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There so many applications of foot switches, but mostly they are handy in the situation when:

  • Users hands are occupied for certain reasons (playing guitar);
  • More physical power needed for a mechanical device (foot paddle of trash bin);
  • When users don’t want to touch or control with their hand (also apply to trans bin);
  • When user have to use their hands, and FOCUS on their hands (sewing machine);

One surprising use of this digital foot switch is tattoo machine, which totally makes sense since the tattoo artist wants to focus on their hands while still can control the machine on/off anytime without distraction or interruption.