In this project we explore the potential connection and interactive experience between physical objects and virtual interface. Specifically, we experiment how real objects can connect with a through multi-touch, and generate changing graphic synchronized with its physical motion.

The project has two major components: a physical object (acrylic blocks with transparent conductive film) and  a touch screen (an iPad for this phase). The interaction is that by moving and transforming the acrylic blocks, there will be animated graphic on the screen associated with the motion. The following diagram illustrates the installation, components, and general interaction of the project.


There are three stages during the project. First we analyzed the motion of the blocks virtually in Grasshopper 3D and physically with prototypes to understand parameters and math behind this motion. This step helped us to better understand both coding strategy and fabrication.

During second stage we mainly focus on how to connect four blocks and make them conductive. We tested three different options and select the best one based on testing.


In the third stage we mainly focus on P5 computing to generate synchronized based on the physical motion of the blocks. The challenge is to accurately connect blocks with screen through multi-touch and generate animated interactive graphic smoothly.