As exploration of smart facade continues, we started to narrow down our interest and started to make our idea more tangible. We built our first test set to further understand the mechanism behind.


For the next step we will focus on the mechanical part, that how to use motor to connect panel and trigger the rotation. It is also interesting to think about the relationship between ‘automation’ and ‘interaction’. That we can actually create two modes for the device so it can sense ambient variable automatically and sense human interactively.interaction_diagramLast Sunday I visited the new Google show room at SOHO, New York City. There is an interactive installation on the wall, which is quite interesting. I asked the staff there and knew that this device is half-programed and half-interactive. Specifically, it is pre-programed to show the ‘Google’ pattern during a time slot, and then turns on the sensor to be interactive with the customer. After 30 seconds, it loops back to the programed mode again.