Don Norman in his book The Design of Everyday Things started with a discussion in psychopathology of everyday things. Specifically, he touched on how we as human understand a thing through design and conduct proper actions. In his mind a good design should be discoverable and understandable, which means not only a user can quickly discover the potential actions towards to the product, but also the user should experience the ease of understanding the use, operation and design intention of a product.

I often consider DESIGN as an action and ability to handle complexity and simplicity, which ranges from physical layout, product feature, interaction, experience, and all way up to information system. Designers think about how things work and the way people interacting with the product, and a good design should be simple and intuitive for the user to understand and act on.

In this week we are assigned to come up a idea for a switch in a circuit. I came up with multiple ideas that involved with gravity, wind or human actions. However, I wanna keep it SIMPLE, that there should be a clear connection between the action and switch. Therefore I came up this design below that use my thumb and finger as a switch.


In my mind, the switch should be intuitive for human body, that the action itself should be  easy to do and simple. The pictures below show how our hand movement naturally associates with the action of ‘on / off’.

And here is how it works.